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Herman Korn Flex

  • Energy in cow’s diet and fattening calves is the most important nutritional ingredient in their feed.
  • One of the most important sources of energy in cattle feed is maize and fattening calves.
  • The better the digestive energy, the more efficient the production.
  • The Eraunt Vita Group has advanced Herman chips with the technology of Filacker.Compact with Flacker technology is a high source of improved energy for digestion, not only a source of energy in the form of carbohydrates, but also a source of energy in the form of fats, and since the fat is protected from digestion of the belly as a result of the technology of Flacker, and thus becomes a high value of fats in improving Reproduction and production of milk and increase the rates of meat production in
  • fattening calves you can with the tablets of the Compact with the Flacker technology to replace 30% of the crushed oil for only 20% of the compact chips with Flacker technology 10% filling feed
Herman Korn Flex